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Ugly Soap Grab Bag

Ugly Soap Grab Bag

Regular price $20.00 Sale

Limited time only, while supplies last!!!! 1.5 lbs. of soap for $20!

We have a surplus of soap 2nds accumulating in the shop, it must be time for our ugly sale! (soap bars that don't quite make the cut due to imperfections)

We usually offer our soap 2nds (ugly soap) at our market booth for a discount. Now that discount is getting passed along to our loyal online customers. Each bag contains 5 - 5 oz. bars of 5 different soap varieties. Have a favorite soap? Write it in the comments of your order and we will make sure your favorite soap is included in the grab bag. Have a least favorite? Mention that as well, and we will omit it. We are happy to take light requests, but the 5 soaps could be any of the soaps listed on our website.

*These soaps will not come with packaging.

*Grab bags will not include any soap varieties that we don't currently have listed.

*There will be no duplicates.

This is a great way to stock up, maybe try some new kinds, and save some moolah!



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