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Travelin' Light Gift Box

Travelin' Light Gift Box

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Travelin' light, is the only way to fly! 

Perfect for the minimalist traveler, someone special that has an upcoming backpacking or international trip, or anyone who travels often.

We love to travel and we love bar soap, but we've found that there are not great travel solutions for bar soap. That's why we're obsessed with Matador products, a Colorado company who makes the best bar soap travel case we've ever used! These super light flat-pack soap cases fit our soap bars perfect, they're breathable to allow your soap bar to dry out in between uses, yet waterproof to keep you luggage dry.

Matador products may be a little more expensive than other travel options out there, but we've tested their lightweight technical material all over the world and it's far superior than any other product we've found in their category.

Gift box includes:

Mountain Time Soap Shampoo Bar - can be used as a 2-in-1 shower and shampoo bar. TSA friendly and concentrated to last up to a 1-3 month trip (depending on your hair length and shower frequency). Weight: 142 grams

Mountain Time Soap Sandalwood Comb - solid wood, small, lightweight. Weight: 33 grams

Matador Bar Soap Travel Case - it's like a little dry bag for your soap bar, but also breathable to allow your soap to dry in-between uses. Color: Slate Blue, Weight: 11 grams

Matador Packable Shower Towel - absorbs 2.3x its weight, quick drying, complete with a snap loop to hang-dry anywhere. Comes with a silicone travel case and carabiner attachment for an easy pack carry. Weight: 159 grams

Color: Slate Blue

Towel Dimensions 52" x 24 "


Total weight of all items: 345 grams, around 12 ounces!


Shipped in a custom Evergreen printed gift box