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Which Mountain Time Soap Bar is Right For You?

Our soaps are meant to simplify your life. We’ve spent hours refining the smells, textures, shapes, and ingredients. The finished product is a perfect bar creating an elevated experience. 

Which soap is the right soap for you isn’t always about the smell, but rather about the purpose. All of us live unique lives. Our play and our self care can look different. And we know it can be hard to shop online. In an ideal world you’d be able to hold or smell each of our soaps before purchasing to determine if it’s right for you. 

But we didn’t want that to hold you back from simplifying your life! So we created a guide to help you pick the perfect soap for seven unique situations. We hope this makes finding the perfect bar of soap online easier! 

Choose one (or a couple) to simplify your life. 

The Perfect Soap for the Perfect Shave

Our shaving soap is one of our most popular soaps. It creates a great lather for a reusable razor. And, it’s also a great replacement for shaving cream!

Our secret to helping you get the perfect shave? Bentonite clay. If you are using a shave mug, experiment with your water to get just the right lather. If you aren’t using a mug, use a lot of water and some of our shaving soap to create the perfect lather for smooth, shaved skin. Bentonite also is known to create an electric charge when hydrated. This means it may remove toxins, impurities and heavy metal from your skin. 

You can get our shaving soap in three different scents: rosemary and lavender, cinnamon and sage, and cedar and clove. 

For individuals looking for a great face shave, check out our shaving kit. But, if you don’t shave your face, don’t feel left out! This soap is perfect for protecting and nourishing your skin– wherever you’re shaving. 

The Perfect Soap for Smooth and Voluptuous Hair

Some of us want smooth and voluptuous hair. Some of us want to clean our head and then stick it back under a ball cap. Our shampoo bar works great for both!

The bar itself smells like a walk in the woods in early spring. At first, the smell is earthy, like plants that have begun to break through the ground. But the lingering smell is crisp and clean, like frosted shamrocks. 

And, as we mentioned before, this bar is one size fits all! Here are a few situations where our shampoo bar can simplify your life:

  • If you have a small shower, or a small bathroom, our shampoo bar takes up significantly less space than most shampoo bottles. Sometimes a little bit of elbow room makes all the difference!
  • If you are looking to move away from toxic chemicals in your hair care products, our shampoo bar is made of ingredients from nature. 
  • If you’re looking to get lots of compliments on your hair, look no further than our shampoo bar! Even after just one use you’ll have smooth and voluptuous hair. And, unlike other more natural hair care techniques, your hair will be residue free. 
  • If you’re a frequent flyer, this soap travels well! Since there’s no liquid, simply toss the bar in your bag and head through security. Never get your shampoo confiscated again! 

The Perfect Soap to Soften Your Hands

If you’re looking to exfoliate and soften your skin, check out our staff favorite, True Grit. This bar of soap utilizes Australian red clay for a striking, earthy color. The coffee grounds and other natural botanicals are sprinkled throughout the bar to exfoliate. It’s great in the shower to give you that nice scratchy feeling on your back. We have customers across the country that it's the only soap they shower with. But be warned, this is a highly exfoliating bar and not for the average day hiker! 

This bar also softens with three different kinds of oil, shea butter, and dandelion leaves. Like all of our soap, it’s colored from nature. When wet, it smells like a forest after a long rain. 

The Perfect Soap for the Pet Lover

Now when we say pet lover, we mean more dog than goldfish. Our pet shampoo moisturizes your pet’s dry, itchy skin. It has a softer scent compared to some of our other soaps. There’s a hint of spearmint and lemongrass, but it’s not overwhelming for doggo-noses. 

So, stop avoiding that snow covered trail until summer. There’s no reason to not embark on a muddy hike! Our pet shampoo bar is sure to make tails wag (post bath, of course). 

If you don’t like a fluffy cuddly pet, this isn’t the soap for you!

The Perfect Soap for the Person with Sensitive Skin

As we mentioned before, we started Mountain Time Soap Shop to simplify our lives, and to share that simplicity with others. We know that soap shopping isn’t easy for everyone. In fact for some people it’s really hard. For extra sensitive skin, we recommend our tea tree soap.

This soap is a mix of tea tree oil and oatmeal to balance your pH and gently exfoliate while you wash. All of our soaps are made in small batches by hand. We also cut them by hand to ensure quality and consistency. 

We love that this bar has a very subtle scent of fresh cut grass and bark. 

The Perfect Soap for Your Guest Bathroom

Ready to make a good impression on your guests? Look no further than our soap bar, Peak Season

Upon first glance, your guests will wonder where you purchased it. The striking, thick purple marbling runs throughout the bar of soap and is a head turner! But once they wash their hands, they’ll have to ask you where you got it. 

That’s because it’s striking in look and smell. It’s scent is spicy, warm, and grounding. There’s hints of cinnamon, eucalyptus, orange and rosemary to create a unique smell. 

Peak Season is everything you didn’t know you needed in a powder room.

The Perfect Soap for The Dirtiest Hands

Gardeners, mechanics, potters (not the wizard ones), outdoor enthusiasts, plumbers and dental hygienists, rejoice! If you like to get dirty but don’t like to stay dirty, the perfect soap for you is our Volcanic Pumice Hand Soap.

It cuts grease without solvents, and uses pumice to scrub dirt from the tiniest cracks. Yet, it won’t dry your hands out because we’ve packed it with moisturizing ingredients. While it’s tough on dirt, it’s gentle on your hands and the planet. 

So take on even the grimiest of jobs. We’ll take care of your hands. 

There’s a Soap for Every Occasion

These are just seven of the situations where one of our bars of soap could come in handy. While we often make our soaps for specific situations, they all have a few things in common. Each soap gets its color from ingredients from nature. And, we don’t use artificial fragrances, so there are no harsh, chemical smells. 

All of our soap packaging is made with minimal, compostable materials. This makes them a completely consumable product that’s as good for the earth as they are for your hands. From start, to finish, no matter what the situation, our soaps can help simplify your life. 

Last, each purchase you make with us helps us create a bigger impact on our community and the planet. Learn more about the impact our soap company makes with each bar or product you buy. 

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