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Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas You Don’t Have to Put Together on Your Own

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? Chances are you have. This Father’s Day we want to encourage you to use this age old adage as a guiding light to purchasing your dad a Father’s Day gift.

If you want to get your dad some kind of gift basket, you don’t have to assemble the gifts together on your own. In fact, we have two gift boxes, two kits, and a trio of soaps you could get your dad this year. All you need is to find a basket to put them in! 

Let us help make this Father’s Day a big success! Because let’s be honest, dads can be really hard to shop for… 

If gift baskets aren’t your thing, we’ve got a monthly or quarterly soap subscription we're sure your dad would love! 

A Father’s Day Gift for the Dad That Works Hard: Mountain Time Essential Gift Box

While our Mountain Time Essential Gift Box makes a great gift for any dad, these products can really treat and pamper a dad who works with his hands. Whether he does construction, is in the forest service, owns a mechanic garage, or is a dedicated landscaper, jobs like these can be hard on a body. 

That’s why you should consider giving dad a little extra pampering love this year for Father’s Day. 

In the Mountain Time Essential Gift box, you’ll find:

For the soap, you’ll have the choice between two scents, Alpine Start and Peak Season. The hand sanitizer will protect dad’s hands from germs, and also nourish his skin with soothing aloe. The whipped shea butter can heal even the driest skin. The muscle recovery mineral soak relaxes and detoxifies the body. And the compostable lip balm will protect and hydrate dad’s lips!

This thoughtful gift set contains everything dad needs to take care of his body. All you need is to find a basket to put all the products in! 

For the Dad That Is Always On Mountain Time: Colorado Local Gift Box

Whether you live in our home state or not, a Colorado Local Gift Box can excite any dad that’s always on mountain time! 

This gift set includes:

The tea and honey are perfect for keeping dad energized throughout his day. The hand soap and soap deck will help him wash up, and exfoliate his skin. And the Rocky Mountain Park Scented candle will remind him of a state he knows and loves. 

Don’t forget to find a fun, Colorado themed basket or bag to put it all in! 

Grab a Minimalist Traveling Kit to Pair with an Actual Trip! 

Is your dad always on the road? Does he do traveling sales, or presentations across the country? Show dad your love and support with our Minimalist Traveling Kit!

Included in this kit you’ll find:

Plus, each time he uses the items, he’ll be reminded of home, and his kids. 

Or, if you’re surprising dad with a trip that’s coming up sometime after Father’s Day, you can get him this kit so he has a tangible gift to open on Father’s Day. You know we love a good adventure, and there really is no better gift than an experience! 

We recommend finding a small and lightweight traveling case for this gift. 

Celebrate a Great Beard with a Shaving Kit

Some dads have impeccable facial hair. Maybe they spend hours on it. Maybe they go to the barber shop. Or maybe that’s just how their facial hair is, even when dad puts in minimal or no effort. 

But even the best beards need to be touched up with a razor around the edges from time to time. We celebrate great beards with our Shaving Kit

Our shaving kit includes:

The enameled shave mug is designed and hand printed in Arizona by Masha at Couloir Art. You can pick between a Collegiate Peak design, or the Grand Tetons! 

The Mountain Time Shave Soap comes in three different scents, Cinnamon + Sage, Cedar + Clove, and Lavender + Rosemary! Each shave soap provides a rich lather, without any artificial lathering agents. We use bentonite clay to create a rich, natural lather.

The shaving brush is made of solid beachwood. The brush itself is soft, 100% vegan, and doesn’t shed. 

Dad’s facial hair will never look better than when he uses this kit! 

For the Dad Who Already Has a Shaving Kit: Shaving Soap Trio

If your dad already has a shaving kit, or if you’re really not sure which scent he’ll like best, why not give him all three soap scents? The Shaving Soap Trio is a simple yet intentional and thoughtful gift that includes all three of our shaving soap scents.

Each soap is a 4.5oz round bar, ideal for squirreling away in a small bathroom cabinet or packing in a bag when you’re hitting the open road. Each one is individually wrapped in backyard compostable packaging. 

What dad doesn’t want a compostable, zero waste Father’s Day gift?!  

A Sustainable Gift that Keeps on Giving: Adventure Soap Club Membership

What’s the Adventure Soap Club Membership, you ask? Great question! 

The Adventure Soap Club is a soap subscription service that allows you to pick:

  • How many soap bars you want
  • What scents you’d like
  • How often you’d like them delivered

We can ship soap bars either monthly or quarterly. When you choose quarterly for dad, you’ll also be getting free shipping and a more sustainable way to send your Father’s Day gift. 

You can select one to four bars, but keep in mind that we recommend four bars for families rather than individuals. If you live with dad, this gift can also be a great way to #treatyoself. 

You can pick between any of our soap scents each month until you find your favorites. Or, continue to mix and match. 

And, who wouldn’t want to be celebrated once a quarter?

Friendly Reminder, Your Dad Will Love Whatever You Get Him For Father’s Day

All tangible gift ideas aside, the most sustainable gift you can give dad for Father’s Day this year is the same gift that will mean the most to him – your time. 

Meet up with dad to take a walk outside. Facetime him from your patio to ask about his day. Grab the bikes and hit an open trail if you have enough time, and if you live close enough to one another. 

While we’re sure he’d love any of the gifts we mentioned above, there’s nothing he’d love as much as your time. So if you’re going to get him anything, be sure to give him that at least! 

Happy Father’s Day! 

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