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Hot Springs Aromatherapy Mist [Room Spray]
Hot Springs Aromatherapy Mist [Room Spray]

Hot Springs Aromatherapy Mist [Room Spray]

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LAVENDER + EUCALYPTUS with Amazonite Pebbles.

Bring the outside in with our new line of aromatherapy room sprays. Made with pure essential oil blends that transport you to your favorite sacred outdoor haven. Spritz in the car, in the bathroom, on linens or pillows. 

Hot Springs scent is inspired by a healing soak in the mountains during a light snow. The relaxing effect of lavender paired with crisp eucalyptus, is reminiscent of fresh mountain air and the sense of calm you can only find at one of these hidden mountain gems. 

Each signature scent is accompanied by semi-precious gemstones. Enjoy the soothing sound of the pebbles and the natural earth energy when you bring these elements of the outside in. 

**Like all of our products, we only use pure essential oil blends for scent. You will never find fragrance oils, perfumes, or artificial scents in our shop**

2 oz. glass mister



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