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What's the environmental cost of your Valentine's gift?



Valentine’s Day is a holiday many look forward to giving a gift to their sweetheart or crush. But for a holiday intended to incite joy and love, Valentine’s Day gifts can be a tremendous burden on the environment. It’s said that 180 Million cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, there are many environmentally responsible gifts that reduce the impact on the planet as well as educate people on the value of low or zero waste. We believe truly natural soap makes a great gift for anyone in your life. Since we only use pure essential oils extracted from plants, our soaps smell as good as flowers with the bonus of being consumable, biodegradable, and plastic-free.

Traditional gifts like flowers only last for a few days, and their growth usually includes the use of fertilizers and insecticides as described here. Teddy bears are made of polyester stuffing and usually end up in a landfill shortly after they are gifted to spend eternity with all of the single-use plastics. Chocolates make everyone happy for a few minutes, but the low-value plastic packaging will not likely be recycled and the recipient will soon forget about the gifted treats.

When giving gifts, we ask that you think about the environmental impact of the gift you are giving. Before deciding what to send your sweetheart, ask:

1. Is it consumable?

Many gifts and cards get a brief smile and thought but soon end up in a landfill. Focus on gifts that are consumable and useful which create a lasting memory.

2. Does the packaging create excessive waste?

A lot of packaging is single-use plastic, or packaging that claims to be recyclable but likely never will be recycled. Is the packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials?

3. Is the production of the product truly eco-friendly?
Many flowers are grown on farms using pesticides, herbicides and non-sustainable farming. Choose products with the smallest carbon footprint you can.

When we developed Mountain Time Soap, we kept all of these things in mind. Mountain Time Soap is handcrafted in Golden, Colorado with only ingredients from nature. It’s a consumable gift that ships in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, and even comes in a recyclable and compostable box. It’s a gift that can last for months, so every time they use it they think of you. What we have found is that soap is really the ultimate gift as it’s affordable enough to give to that guy at work, yet classy enough to give your mother in-law. Be memorable this year and ditch the generic, thoughtless, I-just-picked-this-up-at-the-gas-station Valentine’s gift and show them you really care by making a difference with your dollar. Choose local, choose sustainable, choose zero-waste.

Excellent Earth-friendly gifts to consider: local herbicide-free flowers, plantable seed cards, or the ultimate gift, Mountain Time Soap.

We have intentionally formulated all of our essential oil blends to be unisex, however here are some helpful Valentine’s day scent selections:

Idlewild (floral)
Dawn Patrol (sweet)

Peak Season (spicy)
True Grit (earthy)

We’d like to add that our soap it’s not just for gifting. It’s an affordable, high-quality product intended for everyday use!