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Minimalist Travel Kit

Minimalist Travel Kit

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This is the ultimate travel set for the minimalist in your life.  A bar of shampoo, a breathable soap bag to clip onto your backpack, and a travel sized comb to tame that legendary mane. Includes: 

Shampoo Bar: Simplicity at it's finest. Do you want less shower clutter and more of-this-planet ingredients in your shower routine? We do too. That's why we've perfected our long-awaited shampoo bar - similar to the liquid shampoo you are accustomed to, but with zero-waste packaging and zero chemicals. 

Ingredients - Olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil, rhassoul clay, nettle extract, yarrow flower, aloe vera, tea tree; lavender; & rosemary essential oils. 

Soap Bar Travel Case: FlatPak™ soap bar case is designed for ultralight adventure. 3 Times lighter* and 6 time more compact** than plastic soap bar cases. Built from Welded Cordura® with Dry-Through™ technology. Soap bar dries through material while keeping liquid water inside. Leak proof, clean, and easy to use. TSA approved.

Grooming Comb: Solid sandalwood grooming comb. Engraved.